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"Words are Power,
Recorded Words are Indelible Power"

"Gloria Ogo paints an entire world with her words."

Joan O'Donnell Braunschweiger

"A master storyteller. Her descriptive prowess is brilliant, and laced with a unique ability to bring stories to life. Ogo achieved what most authors are still struggling to pull off."

Author, One More Night

Okafor Rosemary Ozioma

"Gloria is a trail blazer. 
No one saw her coming ."

Lecturer, Enugu State University

Onyinye Ozioko

"She demonstrates her mastery of the art of storytelling in a brutal and unopologetic way"

Author, Francis Is Alive

Moshood Adebayo

About Gloria

Gloria Ogo, a graduate of Rivers State University of Science and Technology, is a Nigerian author whose numerous works of poetry and prose are widely read and internationally acclaimed.
Among her published works are the novels, While Men Slept, Black OpalIn Blood and War
Black Mistress
, and  Black Diamond, including a collection of divergent poems,  An Apology From Africa, and a Writer's Guide.

Several of her short stories have appeared in the anthologies by 
Red Publications under the titles of The Easter Murders and Red Christmas.
​Although she has been writing since she could walk, she wrote her first complete novel at the age of 21, but officially published her first novel, While Men Slept, in 2017, and since then published works that have appeared in several international anthologies with writers from different continents.

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    At a time when the people of Okwuohia were recuperating from the invasion of the British Administration, they are unwillingly drawn into a national civil war.
    The war changed Ikemba, the village wrestling champion, and inflicted on him a wound that will indelibly change his life and transform him into Uloma's nightmare.          Can Okwuohia halt this carnage of western influence that has swooped in and is earnestly eroding their value system?
    Will Uloma rise above this devastation that is now her marriage?

 You're Safe & Protected.


    LA BIAFRA STORY A war the nation does not speak about. A pogrom, a Biafra genocide.
    CHEKWA . . . exiled for a crime she did not commit. RESILENCE Aku is stricken with a curse- the curse of birthing children destined to die, until a fourth child, Chekwa, lives. Aku believes her torment is at an end. But she soon discovers she hoped too quickly.
    A BLOODY COUP, A WAR To escape the guilt of her past, Chekwa seeks solace with her aunt in Kano, faraway North of Nigeria. But the ghost of her past haunts her into a civil war that tears the nation apart. Forced to flee, Chekwa and her little brother, Nma, seek shelter in the enemy’s camp where betrayal forces her to confront her past, and possibly death.
    A DEADLY SECRET Jumoke always thought his family strange and it took all he had to survive his sibling’s rivalry. But when their father, Barrister Jaye, is assassinated in the heat of a volatile court case, Jumoke realizes that he has more to fear from this weird family.

 You're Safe & Protected.


    A thriller about slavery, abduction, voyage, lust, betrayal, a priestess and murder.
    Set on the Atlantic Ocean between Nigeria and England.  
    At the beginning of the ninteenth century, an estimated three quarter of people were trapped against their will. For over three hundred years, European merchants forced Africans into slave ships and transported them across the Atlantic Ocean.
    Kofi, an escaped slave from the Elmina coast of Ghana, is recaptured and thrust upon the ill-fated Elizabeth, a slave ship designed for torture.
    When he learns that none of the passengers make it out alive, he must seek the help of the Priestess in whose hands his and that of all prisoners aboard lies.

 You're Safe & Protected.


    "Today, I have lost a son I have always wondered why Papa had not blessed us But had rather prayed for them All these years, it never made sense to me But today, I have lost a son And it all makes sense to me now Papa had always known Things will never truly change He knew we needed the strength To keep on forgiving."

 You're Safe & Protected.