A melancholic masterpiece from an author internationally acclaimed as “a writer whose sun is now in the zenith of the sky, illuminating Africa and the rest of the literary world”, In Blood and War reinvents a chilling moment in modern African history: the mind-numbing bloodbath that ignites Biafra’s agitation to stay apart from Nigeria.
With an artful gracefulness that leaves her readers gasping, Gloria Ogo paints characters, whose decisions and choices splash lives on the crimson canvas of that time.
Aku is stricken with a curse of birthing children destined to die, until a fourth child, Chekwa, lives. Exiled from her father’s home for a crime she did not commit, twelve-year-old Chekwa seeks solace with her aunt in Kano, faraway North of Nigeria. But with the surge of tribal unrest in the North, hopes are shredded, identities shattered as betrayal forces Chekwa to confront death.
An outstanding historic tale, In Blood and War cuts across love, betrayal and death. It boldly tackles colonization head-on, the innocence of youth, and how personal grudge and vendetta damages lives beyond repair.

In Blood And War

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